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"I have always believed that the more information there is about parking regulations and how the law works, the better. This is the only website I know which are dedicated to this and which give the fullest information." Nick Lester, Chief Executive, The Association of London Government

"Ticketbusters.co.uk along with this site are the only sites that give you the best advice and information on parking tickets"

Got a parking ticket?
We can help www.ticketbusters.co.uk

"The only grass roots site for parking gossip, advice and information."Paul Watters, Head of Roads and Transport Policy, The AA

"Fantastic website! Easy to navigate and full of very useful information. I enjoyed browsing it..." Raphael Mokades, The FT.com

"I'm not that used to singing the praises of many people but asking you for advice and exploring the website gave me the courage to challenge the system." Haley Daniels, Berkshire Motorist

Welcome to www.parkingticket.co.uk

Why a website about parking?

In the days of the old traffic warden if you parked illegally the probability was that you would not get caught. With the advent of 'decriminalised' parking enforcement, however, carried out by local councils, the likelihood of being caught is much greater. This started in London in 1994 and is now being introduced in towns and cities throughout the land.

The number of parking tickets issued by council parking attendants in London is threefold the number that used to be issued by traffic wardens. In other towns where decriminalised enforcement has been introduced there has been a similar increase.

It is reasonable to expect that all parking enforcement will be carried out by local councils before much longer. It is essential, therefore, that motorists understand parking regulations. This web site seeks to help motorists avoid parking tickets and give advice on what to do if you are unfortunate enough to get one.

The more motorists pooling their knowledge and experience the more effective this site will be. Particular problems can be investigated, remedies sought and details of abuse passed on to the relevant authorities.

Information will be circulated FREE to those who subscribe to the ParkingTicket Newsletter which will be published, initially, once a month. The details of those subscribing will not be passed on to any other organisation.

Got a parking ticket?
We can help www.ticketbusters.co.uk


"RECEIVED A PENALTY CHARGE NOTICE - for free advice on how to have a penalty charge notice cancelled for either a parking contravention or a moving traffic contravention please visit out free website www.penaltychargenotice.co.uk"

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